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Keeping focused

Whether you’re planning to get married or deciding to train for the next major sporting event in your field of athleticism, you have to make a commitment.  With the bride and guests waiting at the church, you can’t just off and play a round of golf just because you don’t feel like getting married today.


In business you want commitment from your customers to keep orders coming in; you want commitment from your suppliers to maintain a steady flow of products; you want commitment from your employees or partners in the enterprise, and above all you want commitment from yourself to keep everything in tune.



To achieve commitment from others you yourself have to provide it, every day, round the clock, in season and out of season.  Whatever the enterprise, commitment is king!  Even in the best run business, problems will arise.  There will be unexpected snags to overcome and hurdles to surmount.  Every entrepreneur needs nothing less than 100% commitment. No ‘ifs’ and no ’buts’.  Get to it!


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